Web Design Portfolio


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, & Google/Facebook/LinkedIn APIs
March 2014 – Present

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January 2005 – Present

The flagship website and home of Edgeworks Entertainment, EdgeworksEnt.com is home to several wildly successful webseries and a large, thriving community. Built from the ground up exclusively by Alexander Winn, the entire website is structured around the Trajan forum system, an original message board framework specifically designed for Edgeworks. It handles daily traffic from thousands of forum members in both public forums and private message threads, as well as the entire video library of all Edgeworks webseries (with supporting content such as comment threads and newsposts), the Edgeworks Online Store (integrated through PayPal to sell physical and digital merchandise), the Sponsorship functions (allowing members access to exclusive and early-release content), and much more. Members can share interests, upload avatars and other files, earn achievements for various levels of interaction with the site, and make use of extensive moderation and administrative functions.

Edgeworks Entertainment has existed since 2005 as Alexander Winn’s video production company, and its webseries have been featured on MTV, NPR, and numerous national and international publications both online and in print. Its videos have received over 90 million hits, and both the website and the Trajan forum system continue to evolve to meet the needs of this large and growing community.


  • Completely custom-coded forum system handling over 3,000 members and 250,000 posts
  • Total integration with EdgeworksEnt website, including Newsfeed, product and video comments, and member permissions tracking
  • Automatically dispensed achievements for post count, special tasks, time-based events, member permissions, and more
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, IMDb, and YouTube
  • Email notifications and private messages
  • Uploads picture files and automatically resizes as necessary
  • Custom stats-tracking suite, including video view counters which combine on-site and YouTube hit counts
  • Automatic display of hi-res and low-res videos, based on member Sponsor status
  • Active and popular Online Store, selling soundtracks, DVDs, and physical merchandise
  • Custom caching system for improved forum performance
  • Full suite of Admin and Mod tools for forum moderation
  • Powerful search function working across threads, posts, and members

The Orchard

October 2010 – April 2012

Developed in-house for Apple retail stores in Los Angeles, the Orchard began as a simple webtool to track inventory and evolved into a sprawling suite of webtools that, at its height, included nineteen completely independent but interconnected sub-programs. Ranging from inventory tracking to customer relations to employee scheduling and personal development, and accessible from both computers and mobile devices but securely firewalled within each store’s private network, the Orchard quickly spread among stores in the Los Angeles area and beyond as managers began requesting it.

Far beyond his normal role as an inventory specialist, Alexander was soon traveling from Apple store to Apple store installing his custom-coded webtool suite on local servers and training people in its use. Ultimately, the Orchard served in eleven stores across the United States and Hong Kong, and featured a unique modular design which allowed for easy and powerful integration of new components, many of which were developed from requests made by the general workforce of the store, into the larger framework of the suite as a whole.


  • Installed at 11 Apple retail stores across the US and Hong Kong, all from manager requests
  • At its height, included 19 separate webtools
  • Modular design allows for the easy addition of new sections and features
  • Securely installed on store’s servers, accessible throughout the building
  • Over the course of two years, literally thousands of man-hours were saved through streamlining and improved customer relations


April 2013

Conceptualized by a USC student as part of their final project, IDEAmbassador is a website dedicated to uniting international diplomacy enthusiasts and public activists with causes and campaigns that need them. After an invitation-only registration, members can set up projects, join projects, share files to share with other participants, and discuss their progress using a thread-and-comment-style message board. Categories and tags are paired with a powerful custom search engine and individually-tailored recommendation system, allowing people to easily find the best projects for them.


  • Allows semi-public registration based on automatically generated invitation keys
  • Complex, powerful search function based on keywords and per-user recommendations
  • Tracks user-generated Tags and keeps organized, cross-referenced lists of related projects
  • Uploads images for member profiles and project logos, and automatically resizes
  • Tracks member participation across multiple projects, and sub-project threads


May 2010

A professional website for a Dallas, Texas-based landscape design company, this site’s most striking feature is the way it changes colors and layouts automatically over the course of the year, mirroring the changing of the seasons. This entailed having four completely independent site designs implemented simultaneously, and tracked using PHP. It also features a custom-coded blog function to allow the company to make news and “tips & tricks” posts on the front page to keep users engaged and returning regularly, and an elegant gallery system to show off their work.


  • Automatically changes color scheme and images with the seasons
  • Front-page newsfeed with RSS integration and custom-coded input page
  • Uploads and automatically formats pictures
  • Gallery pages with custom-coded thumbnail browsing


June 2012

Designed to allow actors and models to build a website with absolutely zero web design experience, IntoThe.Biz is a one-stop-shop for online promotion. Featuring a comprehensive and user-friendly control panel and PayPal integration for immediate account activation, IntoThe.Biz allows you to set up a fully-featured personal website in seconds, with a customizable color scheme, video and photo galleries, easily updatable blog, contact info, personal stats and information, and integration with Facebook, Twitter, IMDb and YouTube.


  • Interfaces with PayPal’s IPN to track new and cancelled accounts
  • Multi-tiered member accounts, with automatically granted permissions
  • Completely customizable color schemes and background images
  • Easy-to-edit blog system, along with video and photo galleries
  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, IMDb, and YouTube to promote social media presence

The Scribe

March 2012

A custom in-house productivity suite for Seven Levels Entertainment, a transcribing company, the Scribe allows transcribers to sign up for projects and jobs, post up-to-the-minute progress updates and work completion reports, and generate invoices. On the administration side, it allows managers to track member information and performance, per-project and per-job progress reports, manage user permissions, generate automatic and manual invoices collated across multiple projects and jobs, and track past invoices in perpetuity.


  • Streamlines pre-existing company operations online
  • Supports open registration for transcribers, and selective permissions for managers
  • Maintains member contact and work information, as well as stats tracking
  • Automatically generates invoices and keeps records on past work


December 2010

The first in the “Lingua Colluvia” trilogy of websites, Gibberate was a simple but fun browser-based language tool. Taking an input of text from the user, oftentimes a famous speech or passage from a book, Gibberate’s algorithms would break apart the text and analyze its structure, and then reassemble a portion of “gibberish” in the same style. Far from an unintellible word jumble, these passages would be grammatically and stylistically sound and would seem to carry meaning, sometimes even profound wisdom or hilarious parody, but would in fact be completely randomized.


December 2010

The second in the “Lingua Colluvia” trilogy of websites, Synonate was a sequel to Gibberate based on word replacement between synonyms. Using Synonate’s in-house linguistic database, Synonate would take any user-provided block of text and randomize it through a filter of word connections and secondary definitions, returning a nominally-identical, but oftentimes hilarious or suprising, result. The best of these could then be tracked on the “Top 25” page or shared through numerous social network links.


December 2010

The third and final member of the “Lingua Colluvia” trilogy of websites, Antonate was a total inversion of the algorithms used in Synonate: instead of filtering the user’s input through a database of synonyms, Antonate would randomly invert the meaning of certain words by replacing them with their antonyms, resulting in a hilarious and oftentimes seemingly-hostile recreation of the user’s original meaning. The best of these could then be tracked on the “Top 25” page or shared through numerous social network links.


May 2011

The professional website of life coach, author and highly-successful public speaker Rebecca Winn, this streamlined and elegant website shows off Rebecca’s online presence and highlights her numerous awards and publications. Interfacing with several other websites in the self-help community, it also contains media from several of Rebecca’s speaking engagements and links to her work, descriptions of her upcoming classes and workshops, as well as other resources that would be of use to anyone seeking to get more involved in the world of self-help.

Vox Populi

February 2009

Built as an extension of the Edgeworks community, Vox Populi was a community-driven product review site where people could share their reactions to the latest movies, TV shows, books, music and video games. Interfacing directly with the Edgeworks site to populate member data and track post counts, this completely custom-coded system was Alexander’s first foray into PHP and MySQL programming. It was very popular, averaging 1-2 new member reviews every day for several years, before being closed and folded into the revamped Edgeworks Entertainment website.


  • Interfaces with the EdgeworksEnt.com community for easy registration
  • Uploads and automatically resizes product artwork
  • Posts reviews and response reviews, with comparative ratings
  • Interfaces directly with pre-existing Invision PowerBoard forum system