Writing Portfolio

Steampunk: The Legend of Atlantis

Coming Soon

Annie Gale, a prodigy mechanic living in an 1870’s steampunk world, is recruited by a wealthy historian who thinks he has discovered the location of the lost city of Atlantis, and is outfitting an expedition to go find it. She agrees to join the crew, and soon she is swept along on an adventure unlike anything she could have possibly imagined. The huge flying vessel, the rowdy and fractious crew, the potential for sabotage, and countless other obstacles stand in her way, but nothing can prepare her for the sight of that vast, magical city rising up from beneath the waves, or the final battle for the fate of Atlantis.


TV Pilot Script
October 2013

Newly released from Auschwitz concentration camp in 1946, Max Eisenhardt, a mutant gifted with the ability to control magnetic fields, enters Berlin looking for the man who experimented on him and killed his family. Pursued by American military police officer Frank Tanner and the shady Agent Williams, Max must navigate the Eastern and Western halves of the city, as well as the utter devastation left in the aftermath of World War II. He eventually meets Bliss, a young girl with the power to grant ecstasy or agony with a single touch, and together they begin a journey that will transform Max into the fearsome enemy of the X-Men, Magneto.


TV Pilot Script
October 2009

Ghostbusters meets 24 in this hour-long TV pilot script. Phalanx follows the story of a young FBI tech expert who is tapped to join a secret division of the US government: the Phalanx, dedicated to eliminating paranormal threats to the United States using scientific and military technology. Trying to regrain his footing in a world where vampirism is a very real blood-borne plague, werewolves are tracked with GPS and demons can be exorcised with energy waves, our Hero must also contend with his new partner’s surly attitude toward newbies and the department’s out-dated methods in a digital age.

Family Guy: No Food With a Face

TV Spec Script
December 2008

Written for the “Writers on the Verge” spec script competition, Family Guy: No Food with a Face sees Peter Griffin become a rabid, outspoken vegetarian on a mission to convert all of Quahog to his new cause. Big Meat isn’t going down without a fight, though, and soon the entire town is taking sides. But while Peter tries to convince people that not everything tastes like chicken and Meg joins Quagmire to espouse the benefits of enjoying hot meat, can Brian uncover the culprit and expose the conspiracy before all of Quahog tears itself apart in a food-obsessed frenzy?


Feature Screenplay Adaptation
November 2008

A computer security expert is hired to examine a competitive chess program and discovers a computer worm infecting millions of machines across the world. Further exploration reveals that it is actually an incredible new video game built around a genuine artificial intelligence, and it is taking over the Internet. But what began as the world’s coolest new game becomes a global threat as the emerging intelligence draws a simple conclusion: if the human players are supposed to be the heroes, it must be the ultimate villain. And what is the goal of any villain, but to kill all the heroes?

Adapted with permission from the groundbreaking novel by Mark Fabi, Wyrm is a feature-length screenplay that combines live-action and animated storytelling to balance the real-world and game-world sides of the story. Like The Matrix meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit, it is a high-concept sci-fi adventure suitable for audiences of all ages, with a heavy slant toward video-gamer and Internet culture.